Six leading universities launch the “European Bioeconomy University” initiative

Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

There is a new initiative in the European bioeconomy. The universities of Hohenheim (Germany), Bologna (Italy), Eastern Finland (Finland), AgroParisTech (France), BOKU Vienna (Austria) and Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands), some of leading European universities in the field of the bioeconomy, are planning to join forces in research, teaching/education, and innovation in this subject area.

Following the initiative of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany), they have laid the cornerstone for the “European Bioeconomy University” consortium – so that the European economy can become more resource-efficient, sustainable, competitive, and based on a circular mindset.

For the European Union, a knowledge-based bioeconomy plays a key role – for example in the development of new crops for food, feed and industry, of new products, as bioplastics and chemicals from renewable resources, of crops adapted to changing climates, and of energy from biomass. In 2012, the EU put forth its Bioeconomy Strategy, paving the way for a sustainable and future-oriented economy in Europe based on renewable resources. The new 2018 EU roadmap indicates a clear direction for further developments.

“European Bioeconomy University” – that is the title under which the six strongest European universities in the area of the bioeconomy will team up to work towards a common goal.

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