Italy updates its National Bioeconomy Strategy

Italy has an updated national bioeconomy strategy: “Bioeconomy in Italy: A Unique Opportunity to reconnect Economy, Society and the Environment”. It has been officially presented this morning in Rome, at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, by the Italian government, with the presence of Waldemar Kütt representing the European Commission and Philippe Mengal, Executive Director at BBI JU.

In line with the European Strategy, the Italian Bioeconomy means integrating the sustainable production of renewable biological resources and converting these resources and wastestreams into value added products such as food, feed, bio-based products and bio-energy.

This strategy aims to provide a shared vision of the economic, social and environmental opportunities and challenges associated with the creation of an Italian Bioeconomy based on longer, more sustainable and locally routed value chains. It also represents a significant opportunity for Italy to enhance its competitiveness and role in promoting sustainable growth in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

According to the new Report on Bioeconomy in Italy, published by Intesa Sanpaolo, Italian leading banking group, the Italian bioeconomy is worth €328 billion with 2 million jobs. This analysis considers also the wood and furniture value chains and water and organic wastes management. The goal of the strategy is to increase these values by 15% by 2030.

The Bioeconomy strategy will be part of the implementation processes of the National Smart Specialization Strategy, focusing in particular on the areas of “Health, Food and Life Quality” and “Sustainable and Smart Industry, Energy and Environment”. It will be implemented in synergy with the principles of the Italian National Strategy for the Sustainable Development for ensuring environmental sustainability and economic growth reconciliation.


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