In Germany in 2020 the topic of the annual “Year of Science” is Bioeconomy

2nd Global Bioeconomy Summit, Berlin, April 2018

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Science announced that in 2020 the topic of the annual “Year of Science” will be Bioeconomy.

Within an open call that will fund selected projects from 20.000 to 150.000 Euros to communicate aspects of a bioeconomy for target audiences as well as the interested public there, the third Global Bioeconomy Summit will take place in Berlin in Fall 2020 (November) with the support of the German government. “Since the first summit in Berlin in 2015, the summits have established themselves as a unique format for global exchange on bioeconomy policy, governance and sustainable development”, claims the organizers.

The German initiative is very important because it underlines the centrality of the bioeconomy in the policy of innovation and growth of the major European economy. It is an example for all the other European countries, to which, however, it is hoped that concrete measures can increasingly be followed to favor the arrival on the market of new bioproducts.

Germany, which is updating its strategy on the bioeconomy, is a candidate to lead the European bioeconomy and will certainly be able to calm, given that it is the first country in Europe in the chemical sector, that part of the European chemical industry that still looks at green chemistry with diffidence.

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