A Story from the Near Future

It’s awesome! The emergency is finally over. We can go back to our life. The virus was defeated without waiting for the vaccine, because we all behaved in the best way, staying at home and respecting the physical distance. Now we can go back to meet, talk to each other and, if necessary, also to hug. We’ll always remember all the dead people and the sufferings. And also the physicians and nurses and all the people who spent themselves on others.

Today I have a meeting and I’m going to see five other people. I’m going to meet their gaze, talk to them, breathe with them. As usual, I take my bicycle. And I see Milan full of people riding bicycles. There are no cars. What need is there for a car in a city that is small and flat? I’ve always said it. But there is something more: people say hello and smile at each other. They are more tolerant, more kind, more supportive. In May 24th Square there are no more homeless people. Someone tells me that the municipality has decided to assign them houses even if they cannot pay the rent. Nobody should be left behind is not just a political slogan.

Many workers today are not around, because their employer has discovered that smart working is a method that not only allows you to work safely from home, but not to move from the hinterland to the city allows you not to use the car and therefore pollute less, not to crowd trains and subways and therefore contribute to ensuring public health. Several studies have long certified that work from home in many cases is more productive.

I turn on the radio to listen to the news: the government has decided to relaunch the country’s economy with the Green New Deal, where circular bioeconomy has been recognized as playing a key role in the context of decarbonisation policies. From now on there will be no investment that will not take into account the effects on the environment. The territory will be secured, investment in research, development and innovation will be increased tenfold. Funds destined for public health, public school and university will at least be duplicated. The charlatans (included many politicians) who wrote and yelled at science, like the no vax, are gone.

The Constituent Assembly for Europe is being prepared in Brussels. All European countries have understood that there is no future without a real European Union, with common policies in all fields. The new Europe will be founded on solidarity and on the principle of subsidiarity. There is no longer any trace of nationalism and anti-Europeanism: people understood that with them it would be the end for democracy. United Kingdom also wants to return to the Union.

Really good news to start over. I can’t wait to pick up where I left off. During the quarantine I thought about my daughters a lot: the world we are leaving them and all those born in the 2000s. The possibility that they will really have to follow their happiness. We cannot walk away from this: a new era has begun.

I know: this is the best scenario in my own perspective. This is a dream. But dreams often come true. It depends on us!

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