Manufacturers of biomass-derived chemicals created a new sector group within the Cefic

Daniele Ferrari, President of Cefic. Courtesy of Versalis

In response to the growing importance of bio-based renewable raw materials, manufacturers of biomass-derived chemicals created a new sector group within the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic): Biomass-derived Chemicals Europe (BioChem Europe). The group represents companies using feedstocks based on biomass as their raw materials to produce chemicals.

“With this new sector group, we aim to establish a close dialogue with the EU authorities and raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based chemistry for society, for the environment and for the economy”, said the newly elected Chair Ylwa Alwarsdotter, from Sekab.

Biomass-derived chemicals are chemicals made from plant-based feedstocks such as agriculture, forestry and marine biomass, and their co-products and waste.

These renewable materials are mostly grown in Europe and sustainably sourced. As such, biomass-derived chemicals can: Help improve resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by partially replacing non- renewable natural resources during production processes; Deliver more circular solutions to a wide range of sectors, such as food and feed, hygiene and cosmetics, innovative materials, and energy; Contribute to meeting ambitions of the European Green Deal, as set out in the Farm-to-Fork strategy, the Clean Planet for All vision, the Building and Renovation wave and the Biodiversity Strategy.

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