Welcome 2021: we want you to be the year of the real turning point

2020 has been a terrible year. And there is certainly no need to say why. The pandemic has clearly shown how urgent it is to solve the climate crisis and move towards a more sustainable economic and social model. Our liberal democracies and our community spirit have also been severely tested.

Without freedom there is nothing. Without community there is no true happiness. Unless you think you can live isolated from everything and everyone in a wasteland.

2021 must be the year of the recovery for us. A recovery that can only be green, sustainable, respectful of the environment, with the circular bioeconomy at its center. The crisis can be a great opportunity to change our development model. Woe to us if we waste it. In this sense we will have to be more careful in choosing the politicians to whom we delegate the solutions.

In this terrible 2020, the blog has seen its readership increase by over 40%. An extraordinary result, for which I want to thank you one by one. For all, the wish is for a new year that will leave the pandemic behind us and where we really start to make the circular bioeconomy happen all over the world. We don’t want a reality where the circular bioeconomy is in danger of becoming nothing more than talk.

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