Versalis has begun the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass in North-western Italy

Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, has begun the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass at Crescentino (Vercelli, North-western Italy). The plant, which was acquired in 2018, has been overhauled thanks to major investments and has started the production of advanced bioethanol, in compliance with the European legislation for the development of renewable energy RED II, as it is derived from raw materials that do not interfere with the food chain.

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Versalis confirms the resumption of the former Mossi Ghisolfi’s biorefinery in Crescentino

The Biorefinery in Crescentino, Italy

Versalis, the chemical division of the Italian oil company Eni, confirms that it is in the process of implementing an action plan that will lead to a resumption of operations at the former biorefinery of Mossi Ghisolfi Group in Crescentino, which were acquired in November 2018. New 35 hires are expected by the end of the year.

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An exclusive interview with Daniele Ferrari, CEO Versalis (ENI) and President CEFIC

Daniele Ferrari. Courtesy of Versalis

“The bioeconomy offers great opportunities for the European chemical industry to create new products, diversify its raw material base and reduce its dependence on non-renewable resources”. To say it – in this long exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista – is Daniele Ferrari, CEO Versalis, the Chemical Division of Italian oil giant ENI, and President CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. Ferrari talks with us about the main challenges the European chemical industry is facing, the circular bioeconomy and the next steps of Versalis in the green chemistry field.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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Inaugurazione in grande stile della bioraffineria Mossi & Ghisolfi a Crescentino

Guido Ghisolfi durante l'inaugurazione

Guido Ghisolfi durante l’inaugurazione

L’America è a Crescentino. Parola di Guido Ghisolfi, intervenuto questa mattina all’inaugurazione in grande stile della bioraffineria per bioetanolo di seconda generazione Mossi & Ghisolfi, la prima al mondo di questo tipo. Presenti anche il ministro dello Sviluppo Economico Flavio Zanonato, il presidente della Regione Piemonte, Roberto Cota, e due ex ministri: Corrado Clini e Francesco Profumo.

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