Stora Enso partnered with H&M and IKEA to industrialize TreeToTextile

Markus Mannström. Courtesy of Stora Enso

Stora Enso partnered with H&M group and Inter IKEA group to industrialize TreeToTextile. TreeToTextile AB is a joint venture between H&M group, Inter IKEA group and innovator Lars Stigsson since 2014, with the aim of developing new textile fibers in a sustainable way at attractive cost levels. Stora Enso will join this partnership, and also support the industrialization of TreeToTextile’s production process by setting up a demonstration plant at one of its Nordic facilities.

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IKEA aims to cut food waste by 50% in all IKEA stores by August 2020

With the Food is Precious initiative IKEA aims to cut food waste by 50% in all IKEA stores by August 2020. A little more than a year since the roll out of the initiative IKEA has diminished food waste that is equivalent to one million meals.To put that into a context; one million meals could feed one thousand people for a whole year.

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Neste and IKEA join forces to take leadership in renewable biobased materials

IkeaNeste and Ikea of Sweden yesterday announced partnership to deliver renewable, bio-based plastics. The two Scandinavian companies have joined forces to take leadership in renewable, bio-based materials, and invite other companies to join the initiative.

The partnership includes the production of plastics and other materials utilizing Neste’s renewable solutions in polymer production.

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