Even an Espresso can support the bioeconomy and circular economy

We can now drink our espresso and support the bioeconomy and circular economy, thanks to a wholly biodegradable and compostable coffee capsule for espresso machines. Once consumed, it can be collected with the organic waste and processed industrially to become compost. This is the circular economy principle of zero waste, according to which all used products can return to being a resource, with significant environmental benefits. The project – created and used by two of the most popular Italian companies, Novamont and Lavazza – won the Ecomondo Sustainable Development Award 2015 for the category “Waste and Resources”.

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Novamont presents its new brand identity

Catia Bastioli presents the new brand of Novamont

Novamont presented last Friday in Milan its new brand identity, in order to enhance and aligning the corporate image of the group.

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