Bioeconomy: from Athens to Brussels


The Greek crisis is an opportunity to reflect again on our idea of Europe. In our opinion the euro is an irreversible process. But it is absurd to weigh on the ECB, in fact the only European institution truly federal, the task to deal with the crisis with the only instrument of monetary policy.

The greek vote tells us that there is no time to waste to build a true European economic government, starting immediately from the coordination of fiscal policies.

We must overcome national self-interest as soon as possible, emerged in recent times too often (see also the case of migrants), because the single currency is not enough to ensure a prosperous future for Europe.

From the Greek crisis, the European Union can emerge with greater force if comes back the primacy of politics, which allows to make courageous decisions favoring the European interest over individual national interests.

Today more than ever, we feel the lack of a political class capable of taking courageous decisions, able to lead the people into the Third Millennium, as did the founding fathers, such as Schumann, Adenauer and De Gasperi.

We need strategic vision and solidarity. Also to build the European bioeconomy.
We are part of the generation that grew up in a Europe without borders, that feels more European than French, Italian, German or Greek. We believe that green growth is an imperative to give a concrete horizon for European citizens. We believe that it’s time to build the European Political Union.

Felice Amori

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