The Biofore Tea House: in Beijing the Chinese tea culture meets UPM’s bio-based products

Biofore Tea House Copyright: UPM
Biofore Tea House Copyright: UPM

UPM, the Finnish forest industry company,  and the Shanghai-based Tongji University College of Design and Innovation started cooperation in 2015 with a target to create a modern concept for the traditional Chinese tea house by using UPM’s innovative wood-based biomaterials. The project has now reached its goal with the introduction of the Biofore Tea House in the ‘Moi Helsinki’ event in Beijing, China on 13-15 May 2016.

Designed by the students of Tongji University, the Biofore Tea House has a modular design to support efficient manufacturing and mobility. Under the guidance of professor Chen Yongqun and lecturer Mo Jiao of Tongji University College of Design and Innovation, and with the support of UPM’s experts, a team of six design students explored the many aspects of Chinese tea culture and UPM’s innovative bio-based products.

“This project is a good example of Biofore thinking in practice. It involves international collaboration with talented young students who used their design skills and UPM’s innovative biomaterials to produce something that is beautiful, meaningful and sustainable. The Biofore Tea House is the perfect symbol for Biofore in China. It pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage and looks into the future with confidence,” says Elisa Nilsson, Vice President, Brand and Communications, UPM.

All UPM materials used in the Biofore Tea House are sustainable and recyclable. Strong, stiff and durable WISA® Plywood is used for the frame and decorative skin. UPM Grada®, a durable and ecological thermoformable wood material, is used in the main walls to showcase its endless design opportunities. The floor is made of high quality, modern UPM ProFi® Design Deck composite, which is both recycled and recyclable. It pleases the eye with beautiful colours inspired by the Finnish nature, and is also pleasant to touch. Moreover, it is a strong and virtually carefree material. The Biofore Tea House is complemented with UPM’s label paper.


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