An interview with Alex Holst, Good Food Insitute Europe. ”It’s impossible to meet our climate targets without reducing animal agriculture”

Image by Eszter Miller, from Pixabay

“The science is very clear that it’s impossible to meet our climate targets without reducing animal agriculture. A study led by Oxford University found that – even if fossil fuel emissions were eliminated immediately – the world cannot meet its Paris Agreement targets without shifting away from conventional animal agriculture. Plant-based and cultivated meat let people keep eating the steaks, sausages and meatballs they love with a fraction of the environmental impact, and they free up space for more sustainable farming practices.” To say it – in this interview with Il Bioeconomista – is Alex Holst, senior policy manager at the Good Food Institute Europe. He talks about the role of plant-based and cultivated meat in limiting our impact on climate change.

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso 

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Nestlé joined forces with Burcon and Merit for plant-based alternatives

Nestlé joined forces with Burcon and Merit, two key players in the development and production of high-quality plant proteins. This partnership will enable Nestlé to further accelerate the development of nutritious and great-tasting plant-based meat and dairy alternatives with a favorable environmental footprint.

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