Canada goes green with Enerkem in the Greater Montréal area

Enerkem Varenne

Canadian Enerkem, with a group of strategic partners, that include major investor Shell, along with Suncor and Proman and Hydro-Québec supplying green hydrogen and oxygen, and with the support of the Québec and Canadian governments, will build a biofuel and renewable chemicals plant in Varennes, in the Greater Montréal area.

Varennes Carbon Recycling (VCR) will produce biofuels and renewable chemicals made from non-recyclable residual materials as well as wood waste. The plant will leverage green hydrogen and oxygen produced through electrolysis, transforming Quebec’s excess hydroelectricity capacity into value-added biofuels and renewable chemicals. VCR will be a major creator of quality local direct and indirect jobs during its construction and operation.

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Clariant and Ineratec joined forces for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals

Clariant Industrial Biotechnology Group in Germany

Swiss chemical giant Clariant joined forces with Ineratec in the challenge for a greener future. The companies entered a partnership to develop and commercialize novel technologies for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Clariant will provide its extensive catalysis expertise and broad portfolio of syngas conditioning and upgrading catalysts to support Ineratec’s groundbreaking gas-to-liquid technology.

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Novo Holdings invested $72 million in LanzaTech to boost the carbon smart revolution

Jennifer Holmgren at IFIB 2018 in Turin, Italy

Novo Holdings and LanzaTech, a pioneer in the production of next generation fuels and chemicals through the recycling of carbon pollution, have formed a partnership to grow LanzaTech’s revolutionary sustainable fuels and chemicals platform. Novo Holdings is making a $72 million investment in the company in a Series E financing, and Senior Director Anders Bendsen Spohr will join LanzaTech’s Board of Directors.

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New survey by Genomatica and ICIS: renewable chemicals will be in common use in five years

Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica during his speech at the Grand Opening of Mater Biotech’s plant in Bottrighe di Adria, Italy

Genomatica published the results of a major survey of sustainability issues in the mainstream chemical industry. The survey was conducted together with ICIS, the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider. The survey, fourth in a series they have conducted since 2009, revealed substantial advances for sustainability and renewable chemicals in general, for chemical producers, users (companies making products from basic and intermediate chemicals) and distributors.

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Henri Colens, Braskem Europe: “At the moment biobased is seen as a niche alternative”

Henri Colens
Henri Colens

“At the moment biobased is seen as a niche alternative. It’s well-respected and is seen to be developing in the right way, but it hasn’t achieved the market penetration to be considered a genuine competitor to the conventional industry – yet. For me, it’s all about reaching that ‘tipping point’. Many stars must align for this to happen, but we’re quite positive that they will in due course”. To say this – in this exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista – is Henri Colens, Public Affairs Manager, Renewable Chemicals, at Braskem Europe, the European subsidiary of the Brazilian petrochemical giant. With Colens we talk about bioeconomy and circular economy. “The bioeconomy – he says – is a way of harnessing the power of nature in order to create more sustainable products and processes. We all need to work harder on raising public awareness, so that citizens understand what we are doing and the potential of the bioeconomy.”

Interview by Mario Bonaccorso

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Genomatica and Cargill to accelerate the production of renewable chemicals

Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica

Genomatica and Cargill have entered into a collaboration agreement to accelerate the production of renewable chemicals for industrial applications. The collaboration will give chemical producers, distributors and users access to a reliable, cost-effective source of carbohydrate feedstocks, co-location support services and production partnerships, based on GENO™ process technologies.

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