Shell goes green with Global Bioenergies’ bio-isobutene derivatives


Shell made its first order to Global Bioenergies, to provide volumes of bio-isobutene derivatives for performance assessment. The oil giant plans to explore the possibility of replacing current hydrocarbon-based isobutene and its derivatives with their equivalents from renewable resources, while maintaining the same level of performance.

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Global Bioenergies developed a process for converting plant resources into isobutene

Marc Delcourt
Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies

French company Global Bioenergies has developed a process for converting plant resources into isobutene, one of the main building blocks of chemistry, whose derivatives are used in cosmetics, fine chemicals, commodities and fuels. A production unit is currently under construction in Pomacle to serve high value-added markets.

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Global Bioenergies is going to launch its LAST longwear cosmetic brand

Source: Global Bioenergies

French biotech company Global Bioenergies announced the upcoming launch of its “LAST®” longwear cosmetics brand in June 2021. Eighteen products will comprise the world’s first range of longwear, transfer-resistant and waterproof eye make-up to use natural ingredients. This groundbreaking performance is based on the renewable isododecane produced by the Company as the main ingredient of its formulations. Products have been designed with over 90% natural ingredients and packaging to minimise their environmental footprint.

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Global Bioenergies and Audi renew their partnership in renewable gasoline

Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies

French biotech company Global Bioenergies and German cars manufacturer Audi signed a new agreement focused on the implementation of residue usage, preparation of a path to commercialization and engine testing of new blends. Following the completion of a first series of engine testing and significant progresses of the isobutene bioproduction process, the two companies have agreed to start a new program.

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Audi brings to Global Bioenergies’ technology development a clear path to market perspective

Headquarter of Audi in Ingolstadt (Germany)

French industrial biotech company Global Bioenergies and German carmaker Audi reached a key milestone in their multi-year agreement: renewable gasoline components were produced and shipped to Audi. Using its Leuna Demo plant, Global Bioenergies has produced high-purity renewable isobutene, which was further converted by the Fraunhofer Institute into high-performance gasoline additives including isooctane, ETBE and isododecane. These e-fuels will be used in engine testing by Audi, in complement to those already performed by Global Bioenergies.

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Clariant and Global Bioenergies developed a new biopolymer for cosmetic creams and lotions

Clariant Industrial Biotechnology Group in Germany

Clariant, a Swiss leader in specialty chemicals, and French industrial biotech company Global Bioenergies last Tuesday announced the development of a new bio-based polymer for cosmetic creams and lotions, which is derived from renewable isobutene.

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The first bottle containing renewable isobutene filled in Leuna by Global Bioenergies

Fraunhofer in Leuna

The demo plant of French company Global Bioenergies, located at the Leuna refinery site, has successfully operated its entire technical process: fermentation, purification, and filling station. The first bottle containing renewable isobutene has been filled.

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Global Bioenergies finalized the acquisition of Syngip

Global Bioenergies' lab
Global Bioenergies’ lab

Global Bioenergies finalized the acquisition of Syngip B.V. at the close of its extraordinary shareholders’ meeting last Thursday. Established in the Netherlands since 2014, Syngip develops a process to convert gaseous carbon sources into light olefins. Its process is based on a proprietary micro-organism capable of metabolising carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) found in a wide range of low-cost and abundant streams, such as the industrial waste emissions of steel mills.

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Global Bioenergies plans to buy Dutch Syngip to increase competitiveness

Rijksmuseum, AmsterdamGlobal Bioenergies expands in the Netherlands. The French biotech company led by Marc Delcourt signed a contribution agreement with the shareholders of Syngip B.V. to transfer all Syngip shares to Global Bioenergies S.A. The transaction’s completion remains subject to the fulfilment of several suspensive conditions including approval by the shareholders of Global Bioenergies.

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The construction of Global Bioenergies’ demo plant in Leuna is completed

20161012_151848Global Bioenergies, the French biotech company that is developing a process to convert renewable resources into hydrocarbons through fermentation, announced yesterday that the construction of its demo plant, started mid-2015, is completed.

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